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Golden Retriever 3

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                                                                                         The Golden Retriever



Bred History: 

  The Golden Retriever is originally from scotland and was 'developed' in Britian during the 1800's. It is believed that the Golden Retriever was bread from mixing many different breeds together such as the tweed water spaniel, which is now extinct, the irish setter and also many other "water spaniels" as well. A man called "Lord Tweedmouth" is said to take the credit for the development of the golden retriever. He wanted a dog that was loyal and kind but energetic with a love for water and also a dog that had a great taste for "retrieving waterfowl". Although the Golden Retriever was at first used primarily for hunting, and was not allowed in dog shows until the 1920's, over time they soon became a companion for families, hunting, and they also became good show dogs. 



 There are many descendants when it comes to the Golden Retriever. Some of them would be the irish setter, different water spaniels, and also the tweed water spaniel, which is now extinct.    


Physical Traits:

  All dogs have their own interesting physical traits, the Golden Retirever although it can be the american breed or the engush breed, is included.The Golden Retrievers coat is waterproof and is usually flat along the dogs belly. The American Golden Retriever, if male, is said that it should stand at about 23 to 24 inches and hsould wiegh between 65 to 75 pounds. The Female however, should stand about, 21 to 23 inches and weigh from 55 to 65 pounds. The English Golden Retriever when male, should stand between 22 and 24 inches. The female, at about 20 to 23 inches. The hieght for both male and famale is not noted. The American golde retriever usually has a coat that is gold "with moderate feathering." But the English golden retriever can have a coat of any color except for "red or mahogany".    



  When trying to find out what type of group or category your dog is looked at as or is in, if you go to www.akc.org in the left hand column click on the one that says breeds by group. Go through the different grops and you should be able to find what group your dogs breed is in. The Golden Retriever however is in the Sporting group.     


Famous Golden Retriever:

  When talking about famous dogs usually lassie is the one that comes up. But there is also a famous Golden Retriever. Well, not too famous. This Golden Retriever's name is Duke. yep, Duke is the Golden Retriever that is in the commercails for Bush's Baked Beans.  


Known For:

  The Golden Retriver is known for its Gold Fur coat and also many other things. Golden Retrievers love to fetch things and love to associate with people. They are known as very energetic dogs and they also love to swim as well. The Golden Retriever is not only said to be the most popular family pet and is very trustworthy and loyal, but also as many other breeds, man's best friend.





  The Golden Retriever is very good with kids, and people in general, although they can sometimes be pretty cautious around unknown people as well. They get along good with other dogs and usually any other household pets too.







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